Lori Bartley 2016 Campaign for The U.S. House of Representatives for Congressional District 18

This was the official website for Lori Bartley the 2016 Republican candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 18th Congressional District of Texas.

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The content is from her site's 2015-2016 archived pages.

Remember, freedom is not free; we have to be willing to stand up and fight for it.


  • Lori Bartley and Gonzales defeated Sharon Joy Fisher and Ava Pate in the Republican primary on March 1, 2016, to advance to the runoff election
  • Bartley defeated Reggie Gonzales in the Republican primary runoff on May 24, 2016.
  • Incumbent Sheila Jackson Lee (D) defeated Lori Bartley (R) and Thomas Kleven (G) in the general election on November 8, 2016.

Lori Bartley is running for The U.S. House of Representatives for Congressional District 18. She believes that by representing the needs of ALL the members of her community with a smart limited government approach, our community can come together to revive the American Dream; bringing it into reach of more people than ever before, and ushering in more economic viability to our district.

Lori’s bold approach is to offensively restore the 18th Congressional District through 21st century conservative reforms. Her ideas are based on the simple truth that the American economy has changed significantly in recent decades.

She has study the needs that would best benefit you and your family and will go to Washington to speak for District 18 loudly and boldly. Lori Bartley believes that as the 18th Congressional District grows, so shall others like it.

“Remember, freedom is not free; we have to be willing to stand up and fight for it!”

Lori A. Bartley
Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives
Congressional District 18


Letter to Congressional District 18

When I set out on this journey it was because I felt the hurt of my community, friends and family.  I heard their disgruntled cries of no clear paths to opportunity and anger toward having their hard work and earnings diminished by others.  I have witnessed the breakdown of the American family and a lack of hope and brokenness amongst the people of District 18, my family.  Therefore, I felt a sense of responsibility to help bring the American Dream back to the 18thCongressional District for those who feel it is slipping away. District 18 has been ignored for over 20 years and we, who had so little before, have even less now.

I’m passionate about restoring the family and bringing back pride, self-esteem and economic viability to our community, I feel that it is the key to the American Dream.  I learned the importance of work and family and developed the belief that all things are possible in America, by example from my own parents.

I have spent my life in and around the Houston area, and live here today amongst family and long time friends. One of the reasons I love this community so much is the incredible diversity of people I count as my neighbors and friends. There are those in the middle class, those striving to make it there, and those fortunate enough to have climbed beyond it. There are homes led by heroic single moms, two hard working parents, and even homes with multiple generations living together. This is our community, our America.

I have advocated for mental health care, elder care, education and the rights of the homeless for over 24 years. I am a former small business owner, I am a certified mediator an arbitrator, I have worked with juvenile probationers and domestic and alcohol abusers; as well as, taught and counseled in the public school system.

I would like to lead a bold offensive to restore the 18th Congressional District through 21st century conservative reforms. My ideas are based on the simple truth that our Founding Fathers knew what they where doing when they wrote the Constitution giving the Federal Government the right to protect and serve the people only and not the right to control the people!

Most of all I am here to listen and understand what needs would best benefit you and your family and in turn our community and then I will go to Washington as a steward of District 18, with knowledge and purpose as to the direct needs of the community. I believe that as the 18th Congressional District grows, so shall others like it.

I intend to advocate for policies and principles that would give you your own set of keys to the most inclusive and dynamic economic engine ever conceived: the American free enterprise system. When that system is allowed to function as it was designed to, and when every American can access it, widespread prosperity is inevitable.  With the exciting possibilities of this century, I can’t help but be an optimist.

But to attain our potential tomorrow, there is work to be done today. That work is why I am running for office. I believe that by representing the needs of ALL the members of my community and with a smart limited government approach, our community can come together to revive the American Dream, bring it into reach of more people than ever before, and usher in more economic viability to our district that is brilliant and prosperous, something that has not been done in over 20 years.

Remember, freedom is not free.  We have to be willing to standup and fight for it!


Lori A. Bartley

Lori Bartley will

  • Fight poverty by empowering individuals and families to empower their community
  • Reforming Public Education so that it is an environment where every type of learner can succeed and learn to love learning and not just learn to take a test
  • Sparking economic growth by capitalizing on innovation and the global economy



I have but one purpose in Congress and that is to serve the people under the doctrine set forth by the U.S. Constitution. I will voice your issues and defend your rights at every turn, so that the policies that will advance and improve the overall well-being of all Texans are heard, defended and implemented. I will fight for fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility, for these are the core principles that will not only grow Texas, but our Nation as well.

  • 2nd Amendment

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    It is a constitutional, fundamental and individual right of the people to keep and bear arms.  I will defend this right, which is essential to the preservation of our American way of life, our ability to protect our families, our communities and our homes and businesses.  The Federal Government has no authority on this matter, as it was set forth by our Founding Fathers.

    Although, there are many politicians who are willing to infringe upon this right by making it more and more difficult for sane, law-abiding Americans to own firearms, I, as a steward of the people, shall staunchly defend and oppose all efforts to restrict our Second Amendment right.

    10th Amendment

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Our Founding Fathers created the Federal Government for two purposes and two purposes only: 1. To protect our liberty, 2. To serve the people.

    No more and no less.  The power to decide what is best for individuals and individual States should be left to individuals and individual States.  If you don’t like the rules of a particular State then move to one more suited to your liking.

    I am a believer and follower first of God and then of the Constitution and as such, I know that the Federal Government has no place in my home, my fellow Texans homes or anyone else’s home.  As individuals we know what is best for our families and communities.  No one has the right to tell us how to pray, when to pray, where to pray, how to teach our children, build our businesses, raise our families or what to believe in!  Texans and all Americans have their own American Dream and no one else, especially not the Federal Government has a right to tell us what it should be and how to achieve it.

    I will fight so our State’s have the right to decide what is best according to the power of its people.  A small limited government is what started this country, but it is great because the people, who live, fight and die for our country made it so and a small limited government for the people, of the people and by the people is how this country shall begin to thrive again. 

    Education Reform

    Much of our educational system was built to feed the assembly lines that powered the American Economy in the last century. What we need today is education that provides the critical thinking skills necessary for the new economy.  We need to stop endless testing, limit class sizes to 20 students or less, bring back vocational and technical training and most of all invest in human capital. Teachers are at the forefront of our economy, shaping and molding our future entrepreneurs and consumers, therefore; they need to be paid as such.

    I support School Choice and all the value it brings with it. Parents should be the ones who decide the best environment for their child to learn in.  Lets stop being a "one size" fits all society when it comes to the education of our children and the shaping of their future.


    I believe in the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death.  The whole life matters.  I will always support and defend laws that protect and uphold life.  

    Economic Viability

    I believe in a free-market system of government, this is what our country was built on and if we do not begin to limit government intervention, we will not be the greatest country in the World anymore.  Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our economy and I will fight to make it easier for individuals to pursue their American Dream by limiting the restraints put on small businesses and easing access to information and support.


    The issue of homelessness goes further than just providing shelters and permanent supportive housing to the homeless. I will initiate legislation that allows us to invest time and energy into getting to the core issue of why an individual has become homeless and then provide them with the tools and support they need to be self sufficient and productive members of society. Shelters and PSH are just band-aides, I would like to find a cure.


Houston native, Lori Bartley is committed to continuing Texas' proud tradition of reform-minded leadership in Congress as she runs for the 18th Congressional District.

Like many from the Bayou City, Lori Bartley grew up under the long shadow of the working poor. As a direct descendant of Mathew Gaines (R-TX), a former slave turned Texas State Senator, her family's roots and belief in fighting for freedom and aspiring to greatness goes back decades.

Shortly after the birth of her fourth child, the small business owner discovered her children suffered from serious mental illnesses. In seeking out the best educational solutions for their family, Lori came to realize the public education system offered an inexact cookie-cutter approach. Rather than leave their children's success up to chance, Lori decided to fight for a free and equal education that would allow her children to be taught the way they learned. By citing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act she was able to achieve the very best combination of services necessary for her children to excel to the best of their ability through the public school system.

However, far too many families with the same needs face scarce options and lack the time and finances necessary to wage the same fight. That is why she is a firm believer in the necessity of School Choice and Entrepreneurship. Lori believes in advancing every American's right to economic freedom and opportunity.  After all, she knows first hand that entrepreneurship is the backbone of the economic system. When presented with the opportunity to start an online business, she encouraged her son, a loyal Batman fan, in setting up a web business selling super hero branded apparel. Basing the business on the model of MoonAtMidnight, she helped him obtain the license to silk screen Batman characters on T shirts & sweatshirts as a startup. Turns out that those Batman sweatshirt styles were a huge hit among the outdoor crowd. She also assisted her brother in his efforts to establish a real estate business in her community.

She is a member of St. James Christian Church and a member of several organizations, including the National Association for Mental Illness and The National Alliance to End Homelessness. Lori and her husband are the proud parents of four wonderful children ages 25yrs, 21yrs, 17yrs and 16yrs.